Mini Venus Sample Set


Featuring four Mini Venus soaps, one in each scent. Not sure which scent you want? Need the perfect housewarming present? Want a soap for each sink in your house? We’ve got you! Each Mini Venus is 1oz, making them perfect for guest bathrooms, home events/parties, air b&b rentals, or and elegant gift.



Inhale bright drifts of lemon, dancing a wind waltz with earthy frankincense. This airy and earthy duo is the aroma equivalent of a jade stone: crisp, smooth, calming, and grounding.

Vibrant and alluring, Jade is designed to mimic the real stone.


Purity is naked of all the things that make sensitive skin irritable. It is free & clear of all smells, colors, and worries.

Pure white in color, this classic soap reflects its clean ingredients.


Step into a fresh rose garden with each sniff of Rose. This scent features a very delicately balanced aroma of roses to bring you a “fresh out of a French romance” ambiance.

Hued in soft pastel pink, Rose is pigmented to resemble antique pink roses.


Citrine features bright notes of tangerine paired with subtle tones of crisp eucalyptus. This pairing creates an elevated citrus palette that smells both soft and clean simultaneously.

Is pastel terracotta a color? Well, it is now! We wanted to bring you orange without bringing you ORANGE, thus Citrine’s soft terracotta was crafted.

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