Naturally divine pieces for a whimsically modern environment

Holland Haus Art provides a balanced aesthetic that simultaneously feels contemporary and classic for all areas of your home. By creating a bridge between nature and humanity, and the old and the new, we can better understand the world around us and thus find harmony in it.

Maintaining ethical and environmental practices is of key importance in this Haus. All of our specimens are ethically sourced, our packaging materials are completely recyclable, and we contribute to environmental conservation.

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Will You Be My Valentine?

Here to help you celebrate you and your love, I’m launching a Vintage Valentine Collection with all the va-va-voom! From head… to fingertips… I’ve curated pieces that’ll give you…

Strawberry Vintage Drop

Looking for a little pop of sweetness around the house? These tasty treats are sure to do the trick! My menagerie of delectable delights will feature items such as…

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