Naked Lady Soap Revamp!

Starting 10/10/2020 at 1pm CST some big changes are coming to Naked Lady Soap:

The first big change is that Lavender + Frankincense will no longer be made, or available for purchase. Lavender + Frankincense was created as a limited edition scent, and well be replaced with a scrumptious new scent soon!

Secondly, the branding! Naked Lady Soap is getting a new look, I felt her labeling should match her: no frills or BS. Check out her minimally amazing new logo!

Thirdly, pricing – Naked Lady Soap’s most exciting change! Naked Lady Soap will retail for $18.00 USD per bar! That’s right, you get the same wonderful formulation and experience for a more affordable price.

And last, but not least, Body Bars!! I am currently in the process of firing two different body bar molds that will be used to make Naked Lady Soap Body Bars! Each bar will be roughly 5 x 3 x 2 inches in size and will be formulated identically to the original Naked Lady Soap. There will also be a male version available!

Pictured below are the pre-fired ceramic molds that will be used create the Body Bars

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