‘The Pain, The Pleasure, and Everything In Between’ Update

A couple of weeks ago I received the first batch of my poetry books, and was ecstatic! There were a few small things though that I felt could be better, and after spending two years creating this book, I want it to be perfect. In the first batch of books I received, the illustrations were printed in grey-scale rather than black, leaving them dull and unimpactful; additionally, the book was printed on off-white paper, which can also dull black line illustrations. I’ve spent the last week working with my publisher to make the illustrations pop, as well as adjusting a few minor things.

So what will be different on the new books versus the first batch?

  • The pages will be printed on white paper, rather than off-white
  • The illustrations have been made more prominent in black, rather than grey-scale
  • We’ve added a border around the poem on the back cover

Now that my publisher and I have completed these improvements, my book is back in production with Ingram Publishing!! I’m due to receive the next shipment of books in the next two weeks, and once I’ve had a chance to look over them in person, they’ll be available for purchase!

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