New Naked Lady + Man Soap Scent!

I’ve been working hard over the past couple of months to create a blue tinted soap using only all-natural ingredients, and I must admit, it was a much more difficult challenge than expected! Natural blue coloring is fairly tricky for several reasons, but the main one for me was that it faded, and quickly. The first couple of attempts I would make a soap and it would come out beautifully blue, but then when I went to check on it two weeks later it would have faded to a translucent soft yellow. Needless to say, I played with several variations of natural blue coloring over the past couple of months, and FINALLY found one that stuck, literally! The result is a mixture of maltodextrin and spirulina that maintains its color long term, and results in a unique blue/purple sea glass coloring.

And now that I have the blue coloring figured out, I’m proud to present the next addition to the Naked Lady Soap Family, Lily of the Valley!

Lily of the valley is one of the most valuable flowers in existence due to its rare and captivating sweet smell. Lily of the Valley Naked Lady Soap is divinely scented to smell like the illusive lily of the valley flower, and features soft floral tones to create an aroma of sensual decadence. Not only does she smell ethereal, she is also formulated to moisturize skin and leave your hands feeling heavenly. Lily of the Valley Naked Lady Soap is the epitome of natural luxury: safe, effective, beautiful, sensual and rare.

Lily of the Valley will be available in all three body molds (including the original Naked Lady Soap, Naked Lady Soap Body Bar, and Naked Man Soap Body Bar), and will be available starting Thursday January 14th at noon CST!

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