Lavender Ladies Launch Friday!

This Friday May 21st, Naked Lady Soap is ecstatically adding Lavender + Frankincense to the collection! This scent features uplifting lavender and rich frankincense, which balance each other perfectly to bring you this ethereal smelling soap. Only the best ingredients go into Naked Lady Soap, thus it is scented using Pure Lavender Oil and Pure Frankincense Oil, to ensure wellness. Naked Lady Soap NEVER uses any artificial fragrances or colors!

So how did I get this beautiful hue without anything artificial? Mica and titanium dioxide; pigments found in nature, comprised from minerals that naturally occur in the earth! I custom mixed the color for this scent to be a soft lavender with a touch of gold suspended throughout the soap, and boy does it sparkle!

Lavender + Frankincense will be available in all the Naked Lady Soap shapes including:

OG Naked Lady Soap

Naked Lady Soap Body Bar

Naked Man Soap Body Bar

Seashell Sample Sets

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