‘Painted Nature’ Art Installation

My latest art install is up!! From now until August 11th, ‘Painted Nature’ will be on display at Stash Goods in Norman, OK. This installation features poetry butterflies, Boobshrooms, face roses, abstract leaf variegation, playful photography prints, and the biggest boob… literally, it’s 4ft x 3ft!

The Boobshrooms elicited my favorite response from viewers! Most women giggled upon realizing what they were looking at, but my favorite response was from the men. One gentleman in particular stopped and stared at the Boobshrooms for at least 10 minutes before turning to his girlfriend and stating, “I can’t figure out why I like these so much?!” she replied laughing, “Because they’re boobs you idiot!”

More than just a giggle-worthy hybrid, the Boobshrooms represent nurturing regrowth. Rooting from a place of death and decay, Boobshrooms illustrate the life cycle, encapsulated in a single organism.

Further down our anthropomorphic adventure are single line face roses. ‘Line Rose Garden’ was drawn freehand using one continuous line, and features a face at the center of each bloom. You can see the start and stop point of this piece at the bottom left corner.

Verdantly variegated, these paper cut-out Monstera leaves are a whimsical way to add a natural pop of color! Inspired by natural leaf variegation, ‘Line Leaf I’, ‘Line Leaf II’, and ‘Line Leaf III’ each feature a different color scheme and plant scene.

The piece de resistance…. ‘The Biggest Boob’! This 3 dimensional piece is a commentary on human society and our futile attempt to make ourselves the center of the universe. The man at the tip of the nip represents the human ego, and the machines around him represent our constructed reality. The man at the center is riding a missile, which represents the destructive nature of the human ego, and how if left unchecked, will implode. This is a giant (4ft x 3ft) illustration that we are truly the biggest boobs for thinking that we are more important than we are.

There’s no beating around the bush on this one! If you know me, then you know I’m a sucker for puns, especially visual ones. ‘Painted Nature’ features a few of my favorite photography prints including, ‘White Knight’, ‘Painted Lady’, and this piece, ‘Paintbush’.

Want to check it out in person? Visit STASH Goods in Norman, Oklahoma!

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