Butterfly Popsocket Release Date!

Get ready for these eye-popping phone accessories that feature a REAL butterfly, beetle, or moth!

I have figured out a way to carefully encase insects (and their wings) to be adhered to the classic Popsocket, so that you can take your favorite specimen everywhere!

How does it work?

I start with a specimen (which may consist of the whole insect or select wings) and prep it by pinning it to ensure smooth wings. After a few weeks of drying, I unpin the specimen and carefully protect it with several layers of crystal clear resin. This resin is flexible enough that it allows for minor bends without breakage, but strong enough to protect the specimen for daily interaction.

I then delicately line the outer edges of the wings with gold leaf for an added bit of sparkle, and add an additional layer of resin to seal it in place! Once the specimen is completely cured and dry, I affix it to a clear Popsocket, and voila, we have REAL insect phone grips!

When will they be available?

April 14th! They will be available for purchase right here on my site!

Where do your insects come from?

All of the insects I use are ethically sourced and come from a few different butterfly houses. I only work with butterfly houses who let their insects pass naturally, and who actively participate in conservation work and/or educational programs.

How long does it take to make a butterfly Popsocket?

Depending on the processing time (between rehydrating, pinning, and un-pinning) it can take anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks to make a single one of these beauties! Each specimen Popsocket truly is a unique work of art!

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