Next Shop Drop!

Get ready for some smaller insect artwork, REAL Seashell PopSockets, and a truly unique unicorn eye! Today at 7:00 pm CST several new items will go live in my shop.

Curious as to what to expect? Here’s a sneak peek!

There are three 5″x7″ insect pieces, each with custom cut matting and gold leafed backing. Each piece features an ethically sourced specimen and is pre-framed and ready to hang! Better yet, each piece will be under $100!

Continuing with real specimens are our Seashell PopSockets. Each PopSocket brandishes a REAL scallop seashell encased in protective layering, and gold leafed for added pizazz; some of them have even been enchanted to be iridescent!

Lastly, the piece de resistance, ‘Unicorn ButterflEYE’. Featuring a Mother of Pearl Pink Salamis Duprei butterfly*, mounted on an original acrylic painting. Aptly named, this butterfly shimmers pearlescent with undertones of soft pink and gold! Mystical by nature, this was the perfect specimen to represent the softness/sharpness dichotomy of a unicorn.

Which part of the shop drop are you most excited for?!?

*All specimens are ethically sourced, meaning no animals are harmed for the creation of art.

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