Graphium Grey Matter

This piece is truly special in so many ways. Firstly, it’s my first tabletop butterfly display! Secondly, it took some serious ingenuity to not only find a skull cloche, but to maneuver it around three butterflies barely smaller than its base opening. Lastly, it’s a pleasure to be a part of DNA Galleries Spooky group art show with many other talented local artists!

‘Graphium Grey Matter’ showcases three Graphium butterflies, two Graphium Weiskei butterflies and one Graphium Agamemnon butterfly. They are strategically placed so that no matter where you’re standing (or sitting), you’ll have a beautiful view! Mounted on an iridescent lava base this piece is enchanted top to bottom.

This mandible of magic is currently on display at DNA Galleries in Oklahoma City, OK, and will remain on display until November 6th. It is also available for purchase through DNA Galleries at (405)-525-3499.

A very special thank you to everyone who came out for the show opening. It was a treat to talk with you, and to watch your reactions upon seeing this piece! Several people didn’t think that the butterflies were real at first look. I love challenging the perceptions of art and what can be done with certain materials, and when my art causes a double take, I know I’ve done just that.

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