Popping in with NEW PopSockets

Popping in to say a new batch of Specimen PopSockets is on the way! This week I’m adding some of your favorites, plus a few new styles to the mix; here’s what to expect!

Starting off with my favorite, four sets of mesmerizing REAL Blue Morpho Butterfly wings! My personal PopSocket of choice, these beauties are incredibly eye catching with iridescent blue wings and gold gilded edges.

Want to add some drip to your phone? Check out these replica Vegan Honey Bee PopSockets! These buzz worthy accessories are low profile and insanely realistic looking, making them perfect for all you busy bees out there! I will only have two of these pieces so bee sure to act quickly, as they are my bestsellers.

Now for the new!

I’m adding two completely new Rose styles! These roses are immaculate replicas, ensuring that you get a gorgeous natural looking rose, with the convenience of a flat PopSocket surface, so that you can still set your phone screen side up without it toppling over. There will be one Petite Ruby Rose PopSocket (pictured left) and one Full Bloom Ruby Rose PopSocket (pictured right).

Can’t seem to make up your mind on a color? No deciding necessary with these two showstopping Madagascan Sunset Moth PopSockets! These wonders of the world are naturally rainbow colored with iridescent scales, fading from aqua blue at the top, through green, to orange, to pink at the bottom.

Did you get all of that?

Here’s a quick recap of our 10 PopSockets coming Friday:

  • 4 Blue Morpho Butterfly wing sets
  • 2 Vegan Honey Bees
  • 2 Ruby Roses
  • 2 Madagascan Sunset Moth wing sets

See you here Friday December 16th at noon cst!

Have any questions? Leave them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you!

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