Butterflies in Classic Art

It started with ‘Starry Night Over the Butterfly’, and now my Butterflies in Classic art series has made a metamorphosis across several artists and is almost complete!

Each piece honors a piece of classic art conceived by one of the greats, including Van Gogh, Rothko, Magritte, Matisse, and Picasso… but with an entomological twist!

I began first with the specimen, and then selected a classic work based on the wing coloration, pattern, and symbolism to create an entirely new piece of art.

Then, I painted the artwork on which to mount each specimen, making sure to scale the piece according to the butterfly’s dimensions, and to alter any images or colors to best suit the butterfly, and to avoid any copyright issues.

Once each specimen was finished with the pinning process (which generally takes about 8 weeks in total), and all of the paint was completely dry, I very carefully added the specimens to their artwork to create these wonderfully winged works.

I’m currently finishing up the ninth piece in the series, and my largest entomology piece to date, measuring in at a whopping 30″ x 40″!

Butterflies in Classic Art will available for purchase in March.

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